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All That We Need To Know About A Deadlock


When asked about the best locks to install to be safe and more secure from the everyday ruffians, thieves and intruders, the answer is almost always deadlocks. Which raises the question what is this deadlock, how does it work and it really worth it to get it installed?

Let’s find out:

What is a deadlock anyway?

First things first, let’s first try to understand what a deadlock really is. Deadlock is the kind of a lock known to be the toughest and most secure for home safety.  And not just home, it is also widely used in commercial buildings, offices, schools and classrooms. In contrast to a regular lock, deadlocks offer an extra layer of security with their more hardcore mechanism.

Most new houses are already fitted with deadlock but old properties and house owners would need to call a professional locksmith to get it installed.

Types of Deadbolt Locks:

Deadlocks are available in three types and any of them can be selected based on the house structure and safety needs of the property. Following are the types:

  • Single Cylinder Deadlock:

This deadlock is composed from a single cylinder where one side of the lock has a keyhole whereas the other has a push button. The keyhole is positioned outside of the door so no one from the outside can enter except for the ones who have the keys, but whoever is on the inside of the property can easily open and lock the door without the need of the keys.

  • Double Cylinder Deadlock:

As is quite obvious, this kind of deadlock has keyholes on both sides and cannot be opened until and unless people on both sides have the right key to activate the lock. However a special care needs to be taken and a safe exit for fire need to be established in this kind of deadlock as it can hinder escape options.

  • Keyless Cylinder Deadlock:

They are more easily operated than the former two kinds. They are mostly accessed using fingerprints, or passwords and cab locked as soon as the knob is turned, or the button is pressed.

Advantages of a deadbolt lock:

Here’s how the homeowner and the property owners can benefit from installing a deadbolt in their doors: 

  • Brute force fails against a deadlock because the mechanism is fit to be to be opened only through a key or password or fingerprints. Even if a very strong force is used, it still takes time.
  • You can say goodbye to crowbars and knives because these locks are impossible to manipulate using these tools.
  • Even though it is not impossible, it is still very tricky challenging and time consuming for the intruders to attempt the intrusion and time is never on the thieves side so the fact alone that a deadlock has been installed keeps the wrongdoers at bay. 

Even maintaining the deadlocks is easy, so we can safely say that deadlocks can save you from loads of troubles and can keep you and your possessions safe.