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All That We Need To Know About A Deadlock

When asked about the best locks to install to be safe and more secure from the everyday ruffians, thieves and intruders, the answer is almost always deadlocks. Which raises the question what is this deadlock, how does it work and it really worth it to get it installed? Let’s find out: What is a deadlock […]

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Dublin Locksmith – 4 Signs That Screams Door Tampering

We need to be really careful when we return home and put in our key to unlock the door. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a safe neighborhood or in the sketchiest ones. It is important to stay vigilant and observant the second you insert your key until the time you have checked every […]

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The Importance of an Emergency Locksmith Dublin

You know what’s annoying? When it’s late at night and you’re headed home after a very tiring day at work, and all you can picture is laying in that soft, comfortable bed and taking a trip to snoozeville. You reach home, head towards the door and that’s it. That’s when the dark clouds gather and […]

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6 Emergency Situations That Only Dublin Locksmiths Can Work Out

Keys and locks have been created for the safety of human beings but many times these safety devices backfire. They end up locking us out of our own cars and homes instead of the thieves and raiders. Sometimes we have a backup plan in place to get us out of these awkward situations but sometimes […]

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Rock The Locks – 5 Reasons To Call A Locksmith!

People always have to call a locksmith at some point in their lives. Whether its our homes, offices, garage or anything, instead of trying our hand at something we are not good at or don’t know much, why not call a locksmith instead?  We all need a locksmith in order to secure our homes even […]

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