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Protect Your Van with a Deadlock

Garda Crime statistics 2017 have revealed that you are 60 times more likely to become a victim of theft in central Dublin, Limerick and Cork than in the North or West of Ireland. These figures include vehicle theft and interfering with a vehicle.

For small businesses or sole traders this can be a huge knock back, resulting in higher insurance costs, loss of business while you replace your vehicle and tools, and a loss of income.

What is a Deadlock?

A deadlock is a lock that requires a key to open and lock your door. It works by throwing a bolt into a receiver fitted opposite the body section of the vehicle when the key is turned. Once locked, a deadlock is extremely difficult to open, preventing anyone from stealing or interfering with your vehicle.

A deadlock is one of the most inexpensive, but effective van locks. There are also various kinds of deadlocks available depending on your vehicle, your need and your budget.

Will a Deadlock keep my Van Safe?

A deadlock increases your van security immensely. Any potential thief will find it very difficult if not impossible to open without very specialized tools. ECS Locksmiths will provide a deadlock to suit your van.

Is a Deadlock hard to Install ?

Installing a deadlock is a quick process that can be carried out at your home.

Trust ECS Locksmiths to provide a solution for you.

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