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Dublin Locksmith – 4 Signs That Screams Door Tampering

We need to be really careful when we return home and put in our key to unlock the door. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a safe neighborhood or in the sketchiest ones. It is important to stay vigilant and observant the second you insert your key until the time you have checked every room and you are satisfied that everything is exactly as it seems.

We know our home and we can tell when something is wrong, but thieves and burglars are smart when it comes to tampering with your locks, entering your house and quietly leaving with a prized possession of yours. They are so neat with their work that sometimes it takes days for the owners to realize that something is even missing and by that time, the culprit could already be halfway across the world.

It’s far better to learn the signs that scream door tampering so that you can notify the authorities and catch the thief red handed:

  • Something odd in the lock:

Sometime there is nothing notably wrong with the lock but there is something that could strike you as odd. Maybe the lock is a little loose, maybe it has been fixed too tight or maybe you can smell grease on your hands from the lock when you never were the one to put it there. If you cannot put your finger on it then feel free to call the Dublin locksmith to help you solve the mystery.

  • Physical Force:

Physical force does not mean you’ll come home to your doors in shreds but there would be other subtler signs such as paint circles, bent latches, warped doorframe etc. You can also look for splintered wood on the floor.

  • When the lock picks have been use:

Probably the brainiest thieves are the ones who use lock picks to break and enter your home. Picks are tricky to catch because they’re too small to leave any physical signs except for shiny metal scratches around the keyhole. But for that you need to be really observant. If your keyhole already has too many scratches around it then you have no chance of catching the breach. If you are still suspicious then make sure to check your valuables in the house for confirmation.

  • Someone has betrayed you:

This is not a sign but a clue if the robbery has been done and the source of thieves breaking in is unidentified.  Recall your day and try to remember if you have let anyone enter the house earlier? Most people use this opportunity to lease a window or a back door open to allow easy entry later. As a safety act, make sure to check every window and door if any stranger has entered the house for any necessary reasons.

In case of any suspicions, don’t hesitate to call a trusted Dublin locksmith for help. They’ll be able to help you and would even install a deadbolt to make sure you sleep easy at night.