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Van Dead Locks – 5 Tips To Keep Your Van Safe

van dead locksA van has great value to its owner especially if it is an asset in a small business. The worth of the van is not only the list price, but also the cost of tools and all other material present in it. A van can be the lifeblood of a small business, thus its security should be a top priority.

If any items from your van or the van itself gets stolen, you will not only have to deal with the insurance claim but getting the business back on go will be just as necessary. Therefore it is necessary that you should enhance the security of your van.

Following are some tips on enhancing the security of your van:

1. Prioritize security when buying:

In case you are selecting another van for your business, there would be a ton for your selection. But do not be astonished by the shiny leaflets and tricky brochures and let the security get compromised.

Most present day vans offer a decent range of security highlights; however check the van you are choosing that it is the correct unit for you. In the event that you have to include additional items, consider getting an alarm, an immobilizer and van deadlocks all the doors if you want even more protection.

2. Install latest technology:

The majority of new vans in the market incorporate an alarm system and an immobilizer in them. If you are purchasing a new van, only invest in the one, which has its security systems “Thatcham Category 2” approved.

From that basic level of security like van dead locks, there are also some more enhanced and advanced alarm systems like a vehicle GPS tracking system that you can include in your van.

3. Less costly upgrades:

Do remember that you don’t have to blow off all the money in attaining expensive security devices for your van. There are a lot of basic, affordable and simple measures that you can incorporate to enhance the security of your van as well.

Some of these are as under:

  • Steering wheel lock
  • Hand brake lock
  • Plastic window tint (doesn’t let the smashed window break into pieces)
  • Fuel filling cap with locks
  • Locking wheel nuts

4. The necessity of van locks

The securities described above are only good if you use them every time. But ensuring all of them can be a hassle. It might seem obvious, but locking the van when you are going away from it is very necessary. If you are leaving for a longer period of time, ensure that the locks of your van are not vulnerable. The best locks available in the market are van dead locks. They can ensure that no intruder is able to me meddle with your van.

5. Think about where you park

Burglars usually take on vehicles that are parked in unoccupied places. Therefore the best parking place for your van would be a busy place. Regions secured by CCTV are additionally worth stopping in.